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Do’s and dont’s of human hair toppers

Those wanting longer, thicker, and more voluminous hair may consider using hair extensions or hair toppers. 

For many women, hair extensions and toppers are must-haves. They are the best option to save natural hair from heat-styling chemicals and environmental damage.

According to hair experts, here are a few things to remember while using hair toppers for women.


Selecting hair toppers that match your existing hair is the right way to achieve a natural appearance and effectively conceal areas of sparse hair. Before you choose a hair topper, keep in mind the following:

Do’s of human hair toppers

Match Hair Texture and Color Shades

Examine your natural hair wave thickness, colour, and pattern carefully. The hair topper should blend with your natural hair colour, texture, or pattern. Check it against photographs and samples before wearing it to ensure no noticeable inconsistencies.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Cap

Hair toppers remain securely in place with the help of a base cap. Make meticulous notes on the size and shape of your head as you measure it. The length of your hairline and the width of your skull are part of this measurement. Don’t forget to stick to the correct size if you want your topper to stay in place long and not be too tight or loose.

Choose the Right Area for Placement

Consider the area that will need the hair topper. While some may want more hair in specific locations, others may need to cover more ground. Some options include tiny density-increasing fillers, partial toppers for mid-area patches, and complete lace hair toppers for the front or whole scalp. Get down to brass tacks about your needs and wants so you may discover the perfect topper for you.

Proper Pre-Attachment Routine

Wash your scalp and hair with the suggested shampoos to ensure they are clean. Vital to providing a firm grip, this procedure protects the connection from particles or residual substances that may degrade it. Pat your hair dry thoroughly to prevent any moisture from affecting adhesion.

Foolproof Attachment Techniques

Study the fundamentals of application with the help of expert hairstylists. Learn the components, such as the elasticized perimeter bands and alignment tabs. To keep the topper in place, fasten the bands and clips at various areas around its front and sides. If you want the glue to stay, you must ensure it clings to the scalp, so brush off any hairs on the edges.

Comb Carefully

Before attaching the hair topper, use a wide-tooth comb to spread its density equally across your natural hair. Be careful not to damage the alignment while you do this. In doing so, you lessen the visibility of the transition from your natural hair to the topper. If this is your first time using a topper, seeing an expert is a good idea for a flawless application.

Don’ts Of Human Hair Toppers:

Never do these things to your human hair toppers if you want them to last and look their best. Some important things to remember are:

Do Not Neglect Proper Care

Constant care is essential to keeping human hair toppers in pristine condition. Carefully combing your topper with a wide-tooth comb or a soft-bristled brush for hair extensions can prevent it from becoming matted. Maintaining, styling, and cleaning your topper requires specific products designed for them.

Do Not Expose Your Topper To Excessive Heat

Heat tools may style human hair toppers, but use them carefully and at lower temperatures. Too much sunshine may make the hair dry and brittle hair and limit the longevity of your hairpiece. Always use heat protectant spray before styling your hairpiece.

Do Not Sleep With Your Topper On

Take off your human hair topper just before you hit the hay. Sleeping with your topper on can lead to mats, tangles, and even damage to the clips or base. To keep your hairpiece in optimum condition and form, take care while removing your topper. Brush it well before storing it on a wig stand or in an airtight bag.

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals

Like your own hair, human hair toppers need special attention while in use. Bleach and peroxide are two substances that may ruin the colour of your topper and harm the hair strands. Your best bet for changing the colour of your topper is a competent hairdresser familiar with human hair toppers.

Do Not Neglect The Base

Heavy oils or lotions on the base might cause slippage and damage the bond. To ensure a tight fit, wipe the base periodically with a moderate, alcohol-free cleanser to remove filth, oil, and adhesive residue.

Do Not Try To Style Your Topper While It Is Wet

Wet human hair toppers are more prone to tangling and shedding than dry hair. To prevent stretching, breakage, and frizz, do not brush or style your topper while it is wet. 

Avoid these blunders to keep your human hair topper looking good, feeling natural, and lasting long. A high-quality human hair topper is an investment, so treat it correctly to last.

Benefits of Human Hair Toppers

When your hair is thinning, a hairpiece may help. For people dealing with this issue, they facilitate day-to-day living. Here are a few critical advantages that we will discuss in detail:

Blends Well with Natural Hair

You may use hair toppers to blend in with your natural hair. When styled correctly, hairpieces may fool the eye into thinking they are genuine hair. 

Keeps You Safe All Day

The best brands employ sturdy glues, adjustable combs, and textile linings, among other high-quality components. With their assistance, you may wear the cap with confidence all day long. It will stay put when you play sports or engage in physically demanding activities.

Enables Realistic Hairstyles Without Damage

Use toppers of high-quality human hair for the most realistic effect. You may experiment with numerous styles without damaging or tangling the hair.

Variety of Options 

Depending on your coverage needs, there are several kinds of toppers to choose from. You may get more significant pieces to cover more ground or smaller ones to thicken your hair. Try out a few samples to

discover the perfect one without breaking the bank.

Invest in high-quality, adequately fitted hair toppers to feel more confident. 

How You Can Maximize the Longevity and Durability of Your Topper

If users follow these tips, their hair toppers will stay longer.

If you see any slippage or failures in the bonding process, have the patches reapplied by a professional using specialist glues. This will ensure the link between the scalp and inner cap remains firm. Superglue may cause long-term harm, so it is best to avoid applying it regularly. Only trained experts can tell when glue has worn out and replace it correctly.

Purchase several hair toppers and switch them periodically. Keep a small container of glue, tape, folding hair clips, and spot concealer fibres in your travel kit. This kit will help you avoid awkward situations when your bonding efforts fall flat while you are out and about. Being well-prepared allows you to address any detachment concerns quietly and swiftly. Use caps for protection when sleeping. Limit heating or products that can permanently melt hair away. Use conditioning packs to keep hair healthy and lasting. 

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