Although the natural black color is always one of the best-selling hair colors of hair wigs in the wig market. Sometimes, people also want to try something new and make changes. Trying different hairstyles or hair colors can bring a new look and feel. 

Today I will introduce a typical hair color – 99J Burgundy color. What is special or magical about this hair color? 99J Burgundy is a color that likes a mix of red and purple, and similar to the color of red wine. Different from the bright, shining 613 blonde color, the 99J Burgundy color has a sleeker, more understated look. This color is quietly elegant, low-key costly, to suit people who have the most elegant taste. 99J Burgundy is also a wonderful color that can match all skin tones of women, no matter you are dark-skinned or light-skinned.

A perfect hair color needs to match with a perfect wig type. Cheap lace front wigs are good choices. These wigs are always hot-selling, and it is the most popular wig type of all lace wigs. Every lace front wig has a 13 inches wide lace frontal that can cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear. So people can have a complete hairline and a more natural wig look after wearing it. For most women, this is a highly cost-effective lace wig. A high-quality hair product at a reasonable price attracts people.

A 99J Burgundy lace front wig can be appropriately adapted to any hair texture. I will recommend the most popular of the four hair textures.

1. 99J Straight Lace Front Wigs

Compared with some wavy hairs, the classic straight hair survives a long time and is still popular with people of all ages. For girls who with a straight hair wig, they can let their fingers run through it easily without tangles. Straight hair is a kind of hairstyle without any curls, so it is easier to maintain and care for. Having a 99J Burgundy lace front wig is a good choice for beginners.

2. 99J Body Wave Lace Front Wigs

Finish talking about straight hair, we can talk about a kind of wavy hair. Body wave

hair is a hairstyle with bigger and looser curls than other wavy hairs. The feature of curls makes it different. Compared to other wavy hairs, it makes women look more mature and feminine. 

3. 99J Deep Wave Lace Front Wigs

The curls of deep wave hair are all in one direction and more regularly. This 99J Burgundy deep wave lace front wig can help you stand out right away. It’s perfect for parties, shopping, and date wear.

4. 99J Curly Human Hair Wigs

Although there are many different charming hairstyles, curly hair is still an outstanding one. Many women from all over the world get addicted to it, especially African American women. It has tighter and irregular curls that can add the volume of hair and offer people a fluffy look.

5. How To Choose The Suitable Hairstyles For Yourself?

Choosing a suitable hairstyle is up to you. The most understanding yourself, only yourself forever. The main factor to take into account is your own preference. 

If you like classic style, you can consider choosing straight hair. If you want to be more energetic and active, you can choose curly hair. The tighter and smaller curls of curly hair can give volume and movement to your hair. If you want to change to a more sophisticated, feminine look, body wave hair is a perfect choice.

No matter what kind of hairstyle you choose, you can get a perfect wig look. All these 99J Burgundy lace front wigs with different hair textures you can get in West Kiss Hair. Buying any hair wig in our store can get an extra 5% off with code “WIG5”. Come and get your wig for the coming summer.

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Mudar o visual nunca é demais, ainda mais agora em momentos de pandemia que nós nos olhamos bem mais para o espelho.

Changing the look is never too much, especially now in times of pandemic that we look much more in the mirror.

Por outro lado, as extensões de cabelo são uma forma de você ter o seu cabelo natural em dia. Sem precisar danificá-lo e muito menos cortá-lo, caso seja um desejo que você não queira.

On the other hand, clip in hair extensions are a way for you to have your natural hair up to date. Without having to damage it, let alone cut it, if it is a wish you do not want.


Porém, com algumas mudanças significativas e em segundos, você pode ter o seu cabelo mais longo, com texturas diferenciadas, além de ter mais volume e até mesmo de outra tonalidade.

However, with some significant changes and in seconds, you can have your hair longer, with different textures, in addition to having more volume and even another shade.

Onde encontrar sua extensão dos sonhos?


O mundo online facilita as coisas, principalmente quando buscamos praticidade na hora da compra. 

The online world makes things easier, especially when we seek practicality at the time of purchase.

E ainda por cima buscamos por cabelos naturais e seguros.

And on top of that we look for natural and safe hair.

E com a Uniwigs é possível garantir cabelo humano de qualidade, assim como também perucas sintéticas, extensão de cabelo dentre outros. 

And with Uniwigs it is possible to guarantee quality human hair, as well as synthetic wigs, hair extension and more.

Ou seja, sua autoestima não será a mesma depois que você adquirir sua extensão dos sonhos. 

That is, your self-esteem will not be the same after you acquire your dream extension.

Até porque seu visual vai ser uma grande transformação, tanto para você como para os outros que te amam.

Especially because your look will be a great transformation, both for you and for others who love you.

Extensão de rabo de cavalo


Quer aquele visual diferente e que funciona para qualquer ocasião que você for?

Want that different look that works for any occasion you go?

Aposte na extensão de rabo de cavalo até porque elas são perfeitas para transformar o cabelo e você se sentir bem em casa com o comprimento dos seus sonhos.

Bet on the ponytail extension because they are perfect to transform your hair and make you feel at home with the length of your dreams.

Você encontra vários formatos, estilos e tonalidades. 

You find several formats, styles and shades.

Ou seja, alguma vai servir para o seu cabelo. E além do mais, serve para criar penteados que servem tanto ocasiões diurnas como ocasiões noturnas.

That is, some will do for your hair. What’s more, it serves to create hairstyles that suit both daytime and nighttime occasions.

Não deixe de adquirir pôneis mais longos e grossos com a coleção de rabos de cavalo Uniwigs em minutos.

Be sure to purchase longer and thicker ponies with the Uniwigs ponytail collection in minutes.

Qual cabelo você gostaria de ter se fosse para mudar o visual agora?

What hair would you like to have if it were to change the look now?