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How To Make Cheap Blouses For Work Look Expensive?

One of the top challenges you have to face as a working woman is going to the office without repeating clothes often. After all, coworkers quickly notice when you wear the same outfit at least once every week. The top solution to avoid this issue is by opting for wholesale blouses.

Cheap blouses for work can allow you to save significant money every year. The best part is that you can make the clothing look expensive by paying more attention to your styling. If you want to learn more about this, you’re in the right place.

Here are the top hacks that will help you make your cheap blouses for work look expensive.


1. Use A Belt

An essential tool that can add a flair to your outfit is a stylish belt. For instance, you can get a brown belt to add color to your black dress. The best part is that you will find many types on the market. For instance, you can get a belt for your jeans or a waist belt for skirts.

The top feature of a belt is that it does not require you to invest much. So you can still get a nice accessory without exceeding your budget. This is one of the top reasons many working women wear a belt with their wholesale blouses.

Besides that, you can also get a skirt that comes with a belt already for a chic style. However, you will have to think about the style to get a dress that leans towards the formal side more than the casual side.

2. Go For Monochrome Style

A monochrome style is one of the top things that make your outfit look spectacular. For instance, you can get a white blouse and match it with white pants to achieve consistency. Besides that, you can also include some color by wearing the outfit with a cream shade handbag.

Apart from that, you can also step up the game by wearing heels instead of flat shoes. The overall outfit will look expensive, and no one will realize that you are wearing a wholesale blouse. You can get a fancy white with ruffles or frills instead of a plain shirt.


3. Replace The Buttons

The buttons on cheap blouses for work are quite basic at times without any texture. Not only that, but they may not be as shiny as on expensive shirts. Luckily, you can solve this issue without spending a high amount on the blouse.

Typically, you can replace the buttons of the shirt by getting more stylish ones from a wholesale market. You will come across various shiny and chic options at a low price. After that, you can sew them on the blouse to add a stylish touch. 

4. Get Black Instead Of Brown

Brown and other earthy shades such as olive are prevalent on the market for wholesale blouses. However, you should note that they look sadder and more worn-out in an office environment. This is regardless of whether the top is by expensive brand or a cheap one. 

So when getting cheap blouses for work, be sure to avoid brown and other similar earthy colors. Instead, fill your wardrobe with more black shirts as they add a classic touch. Besides that, it takes time for a black blouse to start wearing out and look old.

5. Choose Silk And Satin Over Other Fabrics

Silk was a fabric used by elite society members in the earlier civilizations because of its high value. Now the cloth may not be so expensive, but it still offers a luxurious look. This is why you should choose wholesale silk blouses over cotton and other fabrics.

Satin is also another fabric that adds a luxurious touch to different outfits. The best part is that these two materials do not look old or sad even when bought from a wholesale store. So you will never have to worry about people identifying that you are wearing an inexpensive outfit.


6. Wear Blazers

Does your job require you to be in formal clothing during working hours? If so, you must get blazers to improve your look while wearing a casual shirt. For instance, you wear a coat over a striped sleeveless shirt to avoid feeling hot in the office.

Besides that, you can also pair a blazer with basic button-down shirts to get a similar look like a man. This will allow you to feel more confident and achieve an empowering outfit. 

The color of the blazer can also help you make a fashion statement. For instance, you wear a black button-down with red office pants and a blazer.

7. Invest In Turtlenecks

Turtleneck blouses were famous during the 90s and have come back into the trend. This top can help you look formal and stylish at the office in winter. The best part is that you will not break your bank when getting wholesale turtleneck blouses.

Besides that, another benefit of this blouse is that you will not have to pair it with other things to make it look expensive. The top already exhibits high-quality vibes regardless of the brand. You can also wear an overcoat to enhance your outfit’s look.

Where To Get Cheap Blouses For Work?

The top place that will allow you to get wholesale blouses is an online supplier. You can check out Dear Lover wholesale to fulfil your cheap work clothing needs. The best part is that you can get various items within a few dollars.

A key feature of Dear-Lover is that you can rely on the quality of the clothes. Besides that, you can choose from an extensive range of work blouses, skirts, blazers, and much more.

Final Words

This is everything you need to know about how to make cheap blouses for work look expensive. Once you keep these style tips in mind, you can achieve the best formal or casual look, depending on your work environment. The top thing to remember is to invest in colors that do not wear out easily after washing.

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